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Preschool programs tailored to the individual child care

Our learning in this program is tailored to the individual child, to ensure that with encouragement and guidance, each child can progress at their own pace. In the afternoon, children have a scheduled music time during which they learn a variety of songs, finger plays and other Musical skills such as Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics and Pitch.

At Active Start in Calgary ab we provide kids the chance to develop morals, respect for adults and authority figures, teamwork, the ability to make wise decisions, and the qualities of kindness, self-control, and responsibility. We consider childcare as a crucial component of the family support system that enables parents to leave their kids in the care of childcare providers while they are at work.

Alberta Daycare - Active Start

All children have better life prospects when they get high-quality care. It enhances learning and provides kids the chance to interact with people from all different backgrounds.

By enabling parents to work or pursue more education, decreasing reliance on public assistance, and boosting local economies, childcare can help address concerns of social, geographic, and economic isolation. We are dedicated to building a strong rapport with kids and their families and think that doing so is crucial to fostering an environment of respect and trust.

In order to address the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and emotional development needs of young children, Active Start is dedicated to provide the dynamic, interactive, child-centered activities and environment necessary.

Early learning and child care are central to our way of working

The benefits of daycare have been well studied, and it has been discovered that they have favorable effects that go well beyond a child's daily enjoyment. The advantages of childcare are numerous, ranging from giving parents the time and space they need to maintain and sustain their families to providing chances for socializing and the development of essential skills.

We create a setting which is attractive, roomy and emotionally and physically secure with a great range of learning possibilities. We recognize and exhibit the children's completed and continuing work.

We are aware that one of our goals is to assist the parents of the kids in our care

We invite parental engagement and suggestions as we share the opportunity and responsibility of raising children. Child care facilities are made to accommodate young children's emotional needs and developmental requirements.

Children interact with their peers in a controlled, secure setting with adults who are helpful, kind, and responsive. As children begin to become independent from their parents, this experience can help reduce separation anxiety and promote mental health and growth.

During the most formative years of their lives, children in child care have the opportunity to mingle, establish friends, and acquire abilities like sharing and teamwork. Children that are socialized early have the chance to practice a variety of cognitive and social skills, including self-expression, collaboration, dispute resolution, and problem solving.

We provide each kid a range of learning opportunities

That broaden their knowledge and improve their comprehension of their surroundings. We promote and support kid-led initiatives in our child care program that help kids express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others and help each child feel valuable.

When is child care important?

When your child is a toddler, their social skills have advanced dramatically, and they are actively looking for new opportunities. With a passion for play, we offer a dynamic environment filled with enjoyable activities including sing-alongs, arts & crafts, and pretend play.

To provide the kids the knowledge and experiences they need to become effective and eager learners, we offer a variety of multisensory and diversified teacher-led activities. Child care services with the highest quality in our child care centres!

Licensed programs - child care agreement

Children who attend daycare have time apart from their parents to discover their own preferences and gain a feeling of independence in the world. Children are given the opportunity to choose many of their own activities, explore new things, and fill their time without adult supervision in a child-centered learning setting.

Children gain self-control and independence

Via the experience of navigating new circumstances, making decisions, and understanding the repercussions of their actions. They discover the advantages of perseverance in achieving their objectives and collaboration in teamwork. Through these initiatives, individuals start to believe in themselves and develop the confidence to take on ever more difficult obstacles in life.

Children's services, child care fees and child care programs

When your kid attends daycare, they get a priceless opportunity to engage with others and develop their nascent social skills. The possibility of your child to develop bonds with other kids in a monitored atmosphere is one of daycare's main benefits. The prosocial conduct that qualified instructors encourage and model can have a lasting effect on your child's social development.

Child care according to studies

According to studies, encouraging prosocial conduct in young children promotes altruistic qualities and emotional maturity, such as empathy and compassion, throughout the child's life.

The chance for your kid to form healthy relationships with their new caregivers is crucial for their development since it will encourage a strong attachment style, which has good effects on your child's social and emotional wellbeing over the long run.

Family child care homes in our child care centres

We provide kids the chance to develop their morals, respect for peers and instructors, teamwork, the ability to make wise decisions, and the qualities of kindness, self-control, and responsibility.

Children may develop their reading, numeracy, and communication skills in a pleasant and exciting setting during child care, which helps them become ready for kindergarten. Child care facilities with an emphasis on education teach the fundamentals that children will build upon in primary school, including writing, rudimentary word identification, counting, and the alphabet.

Child care agreement and regulated child care in Alberta

At our daycare centres in Sage Hill and Country Hills, the foundations of routines and schedules that will aid children in forming positive habits later in life are taught to children. It benefits kids in both the classroom and at home to become accustomed to routines.

A daily schedule promotes healthy behaviors like self-care and cleanliness while regulating sleep. It educates children to live up to expectations and rewards appropriate behavior. Kids will become more self-assured and stable in the face of stress or change as a result.

These rituals are beneficial throughout the child's whole life, not only during the early years. Many of the long-term advantages of early childhood education, like greater college graduation rates, are believed to be connected to the stability of the child care setting.

Relationship & Communication skills come with child care quality

Numerous possibilities for connection and communication will result from the regular social encounters your kid will have at daycare. The chance for your child to interact with others in active dialogue as they form deep bonds and develop their language abilities is one of the many advantages of daycare.

Learning and child care

Your child's communication skills and capacity for self-expression will grow as a result of frequent interactions with familiar faces and skilled caretakers. At each developmental stage, having a comfortable, familiar setting will give your kid the confidence to practice using expressive language.

Children require a strong foundation of structure and stability to learn and develop as new tiny beings in a huge world. One of the major advantages of daycare is having a regular schedule and routine.