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Montessori education

The Montessori educational philosophy applies to preschools, primary schools, and high school institutions. Children who attend a Montessori method school are taught to work independently and are part of a class with different year groups.


The Montessori method: a classical approach to modern education


According on Maria Montessori's philosophy, Montessori is a teaching approach for preschool, primary, and secondary education (1870-1952). In the first decades of the 20th century, Montessori established her pedagogical philosophy.

The fundamental tenet of Montessori education is that a child's need for self-development is both natural and important. The educational worker or teacher observes this growth and adapts by providing the appropriate setting and resources. A youngster may therefore study as much as possible at their own speed in this manner.


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Our Montessori curriculum principles include freedom, sensitivity to time, and instructional resources.

The slogan of the Calgary preschool educational system is "Help me do it myself." This is so that kids may study and work independently. They essentially get to choose their tasks every day, the might even encourage parents and teach them a few things!


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The Montessori philosophy holds that a kid is self-motivated to grow and learn. This takes the form of a child-specific, impulsive interest. Additionally, this interest changes with time.

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Children choose how long they spend working on it as well

At their own pace in a nurturing environment. The teacher's job is to supervise. The instructor takes the time to watch each student and, if needed, will encourage, motivate, and direct them. This will be beneficial to the child's development.

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A child who receives a Montessori education is expected to have a strong feeling of independence

But also self-worth, and uniqueness. Parents: in our opinion, learning these skills in kindergarten are crucial traits for surviving in a society that is ever changing quickly.

Maria Montessori saw how organically children and parents grew together. They go through this at their own rate and rhythm. Montessori pushes children to grow by stimulating them in a variety of ways.

Your child may play in a secure setting, the setting created by the teachers in the groups is set up so that the kid may actively participate in his or her own learning.

In our school, a child has challenges in learning and taking responsibility that is appropriate for the developmental stage in which he or she is at.


A child gets a chance to discover his or her own skills and passions

Every kid is different. Children demonstrate their abilities and interests via their actions. The instructors offer the children as much room as they can to pursue their passions and hone their skills at their own speed.

Giving artistic, cosmological, and technological topics a lot of attention and integrating them with cognitive subjects like arithmetic and language stimulates this.


There is a class for each grade.

Everyone in the class is taught simultaneously by one teacher or more teachers.

The instructional material is designed using the ordinary learner as its starting point.

The focus is on the course content.

Independent work related to the course content.


Three grades of students are seated side by side in the classroom. Children may benefit from one another in this manner and develop a feeling of responsibility for one another.

The first step is determining each student's motivation.

They may further develop their skills since education and nurturing are one and the same.

Group activities are interspersed with independent work.

Conventional and Montessori
education's differences