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Preschool Calgary


Preschool programs tailored to the individual child care

Our learning in this program is tailored to the individual child, to ensure that with encouragement and guidance, each child can progress at their own pace. In the afternoon, children have a scheduled music time during which they learn a variety of songs, finger plays and other Musical skills such as Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics and Pitch.

At Active Start in Calgary ab we provide kids the chance to develop morals, respect for adults and authority figures, teamwork, the ability to make wise decisions, and the qualities of kindness, self-control, and responsibility. We consider childcare as a crucial component of the family support system that enables parents to leave their kids in the care of childcare providers while they are at work.


In our Active Start preschool program, precious moments are enjoyed


Now, tomorrow, and pretty much every day! Sons and daughters will learn a lot about one another when engaging in active free play, for instance through playing together but also by observing one another. The Active Start preschool program provides children with chances for active play that enhance their development and inspire creativity. This makes our kindergarten programs feel unlike an educational center, the truth is that our caring teachers actually teach a lot, your kids will find it absolutely amazing.


From language skills to fine motor skills


The cognitive, social, and emotional growth of your kid depends on receiving a high-quality preschool education. Your preschooler picks up verbal and practical skills in the classroom while also learning social skills. Preschool is an excellent location for youngsters who are not native speakers to pick up the language.Did you know that a person's success in school, leadership skills and performance later in life are significantly predicted by whether or not they attend kindergarten? A higher possibility of finding a suitable position in society is provided by a successful academic career.


Children learn important skills in kindergarten

The social development in our preschool offers chances for your child. Our school care concerns society as well as each individual kid. There, in addition to learning to play, kids also learn to wait their for their turn. Doing so, your child will foster endurance and curiosity. Children explore, discover complex ideas, and continue to develop their linguistic skills in kindergarten. A wonderful experience and...


According to some; the best preschool program imaginable!

In order to promote young children's social, physical, intellectual, and creative development requirements as well as their self-confidence, Active Start preschool in Calgary works hard to offer the dynamic, engaging, child-centered activities and environment required. Of course, the atmosphere of a school is greatly influenced by its inhabitants as well as by the actual structure.


We elevate the ideas of "physical growth" and "fitness" to a whole new level

In addition to participating in a range of organized activities and sports that help them develop, support, and maintain their very crucial gross motor skills and cooperation, Active Start kids are given enough time each day to run about and play!

Our nutrition program, dubbed "healthy habits," and the food that goes along with it are primarily focused on the physical development of our children's bodies as well as their general health and happiness. We assist Calgary-area parents by promoting healthy practices.


A healthy lifestyle made possible in our preschool unlike other preschools

by our workout centers, nutritious foods, and enjoyable activities! The delicious meals we cook on-site is made from scratch by trained chefs. Our contemporary kitchens are roomy, well-equipped, and include both an interior storage area and a lot of outside storage space.

When lunchtime arrives after a busy morning, the air is filled with the aroma of excellent, freshly prepared food! So it comes as no surprise that our kids are eager to share a tasty and nourishing dinner with their parents, guardians, and instructors.


The location of the preschool will likely be one of many parents' first decision criteria

The most apparent option could be the neighborhood kindergarten. Less commute time means more time for the morning rush hour at home, which may significantly reduce daily stress! Of course, you may choose a school along your commute. When your child attends our preschool, the two can be combined!


There is undoubtedly a lot for the youngsters to adjust to

Children start kindergarten with a ton of fresh experiences and perceptions. He or she must first adjust to spending a few mornings or days throughout the week without parents. The youngster is introduced to a daily routine for the first time at the nursery school. Of course, learning is the primary priority, but at our nursery school, having fun is also very important! Thanks to our creative movement, we will guarantee perfect Alberta education.


Children are well-prepared for primary school thanks to their preschool experience

In the future, unlike preschool, a child can no longer always play; they must engage in the daily activities, sit quietly in the circle, listen to what the other kids are saying, etc. There is enough of space in our daycare facilities for play as well as learning and acclimating to primary school, which inclused being fully potty trained.


How can you, as parents, make educating your kids for the future simpler?

There are a few things parents can do to make the transition to elementary school and even high school as easy as possible. It is far less frightening for a youngster to enter a new school when they are familiar with it and understand what will happen there.

It is crucial for kids to feel excited about coming to school. This is accomplished by first portraying school to the kid as enjoyable, and then, of course, by determining if kindergarten is enjoyable. Fortunately, that's not a concern while working with us. Your kid or girl is the focus at our preschool program in Calgary!

Preschool Calgary ab - Active Start

In our Preschool and Pre-Kinder Program, we foster the development of our children through a Montessori Inspired Math and Literacy curriculum, coupled with Reggio Inspired Art, Music and Creativity. Each morning of the week, Circle and Learning Time is scheduled in the classroom. As a group, children explore monthly themes and later build on theme knowledge as well as academic and artistic skills during Centre Learning Time. Week by week, children explore different topics that fuel learning through cooperation, hands-on and interactive activities.

At our preschool program, children explore concepts such as:

  • Literacy and Language – Phonological awareness, phonics, and vocabulary;

  • Mathematics – Foundational math skills and reasoning skills;

  • Practical Life Skills- developing practical skills used daily;

  • Science – Exploring the natural world;

  • Social and Emotional Development – Cooperative learning and communication.

Let's take a closer look at our Preschool Programs.

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