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'In House' Preschool Programs

'In House' Preschool Programs

In addition to learning through free play, our childcare centres offer ‘In House’ Pre-School Programs to all the children in our care at no additional cost. With age appropriate themes, these programs balance content-driven instruction and child-directed learning. Early literacy and numeracy skills are taught through music, art and drama, as well as creative instruction. We provide child friendly ‘Progress Monitoring Assessments’ three times per year, so that parents and children can celebrate as developmental and academic milestones are mastered. Monthly newsletters keep parents informed as to upcoming events and themes. Our qualified and experienced teachers offer these programs five days per week. Click on a program below to learn more:

Hatchlings Program
(12 – 18 months old)

Little Goose Program
(19 months – 3 years old)

Mother Goose Program
(3 – 4 years old)

Starfall Pre-K Program
(4 – 5 years old)

Starfall Kinder Program
(Kindergarten Children)

Certified Kindergarten

Certified Kindergarten

At Active Start we offer the convenience of an accredited full time Kindergarten with dedicated, Alberta Education Certified teachers, while maintaining a 1:10 staff to child ratio.

We deliver a stimulating, content-driven program, focused on Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Social Studies, Health and Fitness, within a cooperative classroom environment. Our balanced Literacy Program encompasses print concepts, comprehension strategies, fluency, vocabulary, phonics and sight word recognition. It’s integrated with various Social Studies and Science topics, through ‘content driven’ themes, which are engaging for both the children… and teachers!

Mathematics and Science strategies ensure long-term retention of concepts, by introducing, revisiting and reinforcing them throughout the year. Children use numbers, shapes, music, measurement tools and games, as they connect mathematics and science to everyday life and practical problem solving.

Rain, snow or sunshine, our Kindergarten Kids are physically active every day! In addition to their own classroom, we have three gyms at our disposal, a big outdoor playground and a Discovery Zone for math and science. Rather than having the stress of travelling to and from kindergarten, children can remain at the centre and enjoy a full day of learning adventures!

Click to learn more about our foundational academic program, Starfall Kindergarten

Please contact your child's center of location to learn more about the availability of this program.

'Kids in Motion' School Age Program

'Kids in Motion' School Age Program

Our ‘Kids in Motion’ School age program is a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to transporting to the various schools in the vicinity of each centre, at no additional cost, and providing summer time field trip fun, our before and after school program is designed to keep children active and engaged!

Through a rotation schedule, the children have fun with their friends getting to explore all that our amazing facilities have to offer.

They enjoy dedicated Creative Arts time, Free Play rooms, the Discovery Zone, Indoor & Outdoor Playgrounds and Indoor Gyms, all while under the watchful guidance of qualified and dedicated caregivers.

Our qualified caregivers cultivate responsive relationships with the children in their care, ensuring an environment of trust and promoting healthy child development.

CLICK HERE to see a list of schools that we provide complimentary transportation for.