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Delicious and Nutritious!!

Our Healthy Habits Nutrition Program is one of the ways we’re helping Active Minds & Bodies grow. Our Nutritionist- Certified breakfasts, lunches & snacks have also undergone the most rigorous taste testing of the food critic industry... our children! That’s right, we ensure that the children in our care have tested and taste approved each and every meal before it is made part of our menu! Each meal and snack is tasty, nut-free, made with fresh ingredients and nutritionally balanced.

We prepare our food on site, with the vast majority of it made ‘from scratch’ by qualified cooks. Our modern kitchens are spacious and well equipped with ample storage in the kitchen, as well as a separate storage room.

After an active morning, and as it gets closer to lunchtime, the aroma of freshly cooked, yummy food fills the air! It’s no surprise that our kids are ready and excited to sit down with their caregivers and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal!

Check out our Active Start Menu!

Winter-   Week 1

Winter-   Week 2

Winter-   Week 3

Winter-   Week 4

Summer- Week 1

Summer- Week 2

Summer- Week 3

Summer- Week 4