Deposit Terms and Conditions

Upon you:

1. fully completing registration of your child for enrollment at Active Start Child Care (Country Hills) Ltd. (“Active Start”) including Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the registration process and completion and delivery to Active Start of all required registration documentation;


2. paying to Active Start your child's first month of child care fees (less the deposit);

on or before the date (“Enrollment Commencement Date”) indicated in Part 1 of the registration process as the commencement date of your child’s enrollment for child care at Active Start, the deposit shall be credited towards the first month of your child's child care fees.

If any of the above has not been completed by the Enrollment Commencement Date, the deposit shall be forfeited to and retained by Active Start. If all of the above has been completed by the Enrollment Commencement Date, but Active Start does not provide a child care space for your child, the deposit for that child shall be returned to you without interest.