Care Options


Our traditional full time care is offered at all our locations.  This is an attractive option for both younger children wishing to participate in our In-house Preschool Program, as well as for older children seeking out transportation to and from school during the week. With competitive rates and quality programming, full time care is ideal for those wishing to have the most flexibility with their drop off schedule. Full time care is now more affordable then ever. See "Financial Support" below.



We are excited to also offer part time care.  Parents are able to choose two or three recurring days of the week (for example Mon, Tue, Fri) to receive care. Parents are welcome to adjust this weekly schedule with one calendar month's notice, subject to availability.  To register for part time care please follow the Register Now links, select Part Time and then select your desired days of the week. Part time care is now more affordable then ever. See "Financial Support" below.  

For our part time families, we also offer our flexible 10 pass. If part time families need additional days here and there, that are not part of their regular recurring 2 or 3 day per week enrollment, they may purchase a 10 pass. With a 10 pass, they can drop off their child(ren) any day within our operational hours, with just 24 hours notice so long as we confirm space is available that day. A 10 pass is $650 and may be purchased in person, at your centre. 


Financial Support


12-18 Months

5 Days/Wk: $970/m

3 Days/Wk: $670/m

2 Days/Wk: $390/m

 Our fees are all inclusive (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & our In House Nursery School Program)


19-36 Months

5 Days/Wk: $895/m

3 Days/Wk: $610/m

2 Days/Wk: $360/m

Our fees are all inclusive (Breakfast, Lunch & Snack in our In House Primary School Program)


3 Years-Pre K

5 Days/Wk: $765m

3 Days/Wk: $530/m

2 Days/Wk: $310/m

Our fees are all inclusive (Breakfast, Lunch & Snack in our In House Preschool & Pre K Program)


Kinder & OOSC

Kindergarten: $730/m (5 Days/Wk)

OOSC: $660/m (5 Days/Wk Sept-June)

OOSC: $995/m (5 Days/Wk July & Aug)


 Our fees are all inclusive (Breakfast, Lunch & Snack for our Kinders, Breakfast & Snack for our OOSC (Gr1+) and school transportation/ supplementary educational programming for both groups)

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Subsidy through Alberta Child and Youth Services is available to families who's combined annual income is less than $180,000. Please visit the Subsidy Website found here for more details on qualifications and how to apply (you will need line 50 from your latest Notice of Assessment to apply).


If you would like to  learn more, input your information below and we will send you our "How to Qualify and Apply for Subsidy" guide. 

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