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At Active Start Childcare Sage Hill, our goal is to meet the social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional developmental needs of young children while also fostering their sense of self-confidence. This is accomplished by providing an environment and activities that are dynamic, interactive, and centered on the child.

Come and visit our family owned business during business hours at any of our sites that provide daycare or after-school care for children. Please get in touch with us so that we can set up an appointment or a guided tour.




           271 Sage Valley Common NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1T8




      This locations transports to the following schools:

       Blessed Marie Rose

        Mother Mary Greene

        Msgr. Anderson

        Our Lady Grace

        Kenneth D Taylor


        Dalhousie School (Gr 1+ & MW Kinders Only)

        St. Josephine Bakhita 

         *We provide transportation for Grades 1-5 and for PM Kindergarten ONLY.





How do I reach Active Start Childcare Sage Hill?

Active Start Childcare in Sage Hill Quarter is easy to find. While driving, you will go by the petrol station and the Tim Hortons. You will almost certainly notice one or more school buses parked in our lot as you pass by. There is more than enough space in our lot for you to park your own vehicle as well. Our company name is prominently displayed in large font on the side of the building as well.


How do I contact Active Start Childcare Sage Hill?
During the week, we open at 06:30 in the morning, and we close by the time the clock strikes 18:00. Our offices are closed during the weekends. You may get in contact with us at any time by dialing this number, +1 403-275-1157, to schedule a tour of our childcare or to ask any questions that you might have about it. You may get further information about child care in general by looking at our website as well.


Where is our Sage Hill daycare location in NW Calgary AB?


How does Active Start Childcare Sage Hill is focus on children and their development?

Our children are in a safe, warm and pleasant environment. The combination of quality supervision and a pleasant environment ensures that children feel safe and receptive to developmental stimuli. This means that the learning may begin. Our dedicated staff stimulate development by talking to the children a lot, singing together, playing many games and making sure that the children can play on their own and with each other to the fullest.


Which daycare center to choose from all the possible Sage Hill centres?

At Active Start Childcare Sage Hill we provide opportunities for the children to learn values; to respect friends and teachers, to work together, to learn to make good choices and to be kind, self-disciplined and responsible. We see childcare as part of the family support system that allows parents to go to work knowing that their children are safe and well cared for in every way.

Precious moments are experienced in our Active Start centre today, tomorrow and basically every day! Through participating in active play, they will also learn a lot from each other, for example by playing together, but also by watching each other. Active Start Childcare Sage Hill offers active playtime opportunities which have a positive effect on the development of children and offer a creative spark.


At Active Start, how do you keep the children Active?

Active Start daycare in Sage Hill works hard to provide the dynamic, engaging, child-centered activities and environment that is required in order to support the social, physical, intellectual, and artistic development requirements of young children as well as their self-confidence.

This is one of the ways that Active Start Childcare Sage Hill helps young children grow and develop, at Active Start's sister centre, and in Sage Hill!


How do you ensure the "physical development" and "health" of the children is met?

Active Start kids are given a sufficient amount of time each day to run about and play, in addition to taking part in a variety of scheduled activities and sports that help them learn, encourage, and maintain their ever-so-important gross motor skills and teamwork!

The growth of our children's bodies and their overall health and happiness are two of the primary focuses of our nutrition program, which is called "healthy habits," and the food that goes along with it. Through the healthy habits, we support parents in the Calgary area.


How does your fitness program promote a healthy lifestyle?

We prepare our food on site, and the vast majority of it is prepared "from scratch" by licensed chefs. Our modern kitchens are spacious and well equipped, with plenty of storage space in the kitchen, as well as a separate storage room.

After an active morning, and when lunchtime comes, the smell of freshly cooked, delicious food fills the air! So it's no surprise that our children are ready to sit down with their caregivers and teachers to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal.


How do we support parents in caring for their children?

We welcome parental feedback and involvement?  At Active Start Childcare Sage Hill, we provide each child with a variety of learning experiences that expand their knowledge and enhance their understanding of their community and their world. Next to that, we encourage and support self-initiated activities that allow the child to share feelings, emotions, and ideas with others, and provide each child with a sense of self-worth.

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