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Each day brings unique experiences at Active Start Childcare Seton's daycare centers and after-school care facilities. Our aim is to help your child discover their identity and their place among others, whether through group activities or forming new friendships. In a secure and nurturing environment, your child can build confidence at their own pace. Exploring our surroundings together, we aim to create lasting memories.

Nestled in a charming, well-lit building, our daycare center features separate spaces for infants and toddlers, fostering a cozy environment where your child will swiftly feel right at home.

Come visit us at one of our day-care or after-school care sites during operating hours. Reach out to arrange an appointment or schedule a tour – we'd love to welcome you!



           Seton North, Seton Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2T5




      This locations transports to the following schools:

        Auburn Bay School

         St. Gianna School

         Bayside School

         Prince of Peace School

         Divine Mercy School

         Mahogany School

         *We provide transportation for Grades 1-5 and for PM Kindergarten ONLY.


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How do I reach Active Start Childcare Seton?
Our building is located at Seton North, Seton Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2T5, adjacent to Dollarama. When you drive up, you will undoubtedly see one or more school buses parked on our site. You will recognize our building from the colorful sign on the front of the building.


How do I contact Active Start Childcare Seton?
During the week, our doors open at 06:30 in the morning, and we close for the day by 18:00. On the weekends, our offices are closed. You can easily get in touch with us at this number: TBD to book a tour or to ask any questions you might have about our daycare in Alberta. Also check out our website for more information on child care in general.


Where is our Seton daycare location in SE Calgary AB?

We also have a location in Calgary Sage Hill and Country Hills.


What programs and facilities can you expect at Active Start Childcare Seton?
In order to support young children's social, physical, intellectual and artistic development requirements as well as their self-confidence, Active Start daycare in Seton works to offer the dynamic, engaging, child-centered activities and environment required.

We can't wait to teach your child or children about themselves and their relationships with others, by playing together or making new friends. In a safe and familiar environment, your child grows confidently at his or her own pace. Together we will explore the world around us and life with each other, perhaps creating unforgettable memories for later.


Does Active Start have a daycare gym and indoor playground?
It's no secret that children love to exercise! At Active Start Seton, we design our facilities around activity, with well-stocked indoor gymnasiums. Our gym is designed to engage children in games, sports, and large motor activities. It teaches kids sportsmanship and teamwork and gives them the time they need to run around, perhaps for hours! Every day is an adventure at our day-care centres and after-school care centres in Seton.


Do Active Start children receive special fitness classes each day?
Our daycare fitness instructors keep track of each child's progress and report it regularly.
Our kids need play time each and every day, and sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate! That's why all of our centers have a separate indoor play area designed specifically for our preschoolers to play, explore and develop their ever-important gross motor skills.


How are children encouraged to explore their environment through interactive Science & Math Stations?
In our Discovery Zone, children are immersed in the world of science, technology and math. They investigate, predict, create and evaluate their world through project and inquiry-based learning, as well as sensory exploration. The complexity of circuits, the fascination of magnetism, the wonder of ecosystems.... the world of science and math awaits them in our Discovery Zone!
In addition to learning through free play, our childcare centers offer "In House" preschool programs to all children in our care, at no additional cost.


How are Active Start children, all about being active?
Thanks to our incredible building, with its large outdoor and indoor playgrounds and large indoor fitness rooms, we take physical development and wellness to a whole new level. The children have ample time to run and play each day, as well as participate in organized activities and sports that teach, promote and keep up with the ever-important gross motor skills and teamwork! Through our nutrition program "healthy habits" and accompanying menu, our children's physical development and well-being occupy an important place in our program!


At Seton how do we recognize that our goal is to support our children's parents?
At Active Start daycare in Seton, we strive to provide the dynamic, interactive, child-centered activities and environment necessary to meet young children's social, intellectual, creative, and emotional developmental needs and build self-confidence.

Our dedicated staff and teachers provide an environment that is inviting, spacious and safe, with a wide variety of learning opportunities. We celebrate and display the children's completed and ongoing work. We strive to build positive and communicative relationships with the children and their families and believe this is essential for creating an atmosphere of respect and trust. 

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