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In addition to learning through free play, our childcare centres offer ‘In House’ Pre-School Programs to all the children in our care at no additional cost. With age appropriate themes, these programs balance individualized Montessori inspired Math and Literacy programming with Reggio Inspired Art, Music and Creativity. We provide child friendly ‘Progress Monitoring Assessments’ three times per year, so that parents and children can celebrate as developmental and academic milestones are mastered. Monthly newsletters keep parents informed as to upcoming events, curriculum and themes. Our qualified and experienced teachers offer these programs five days per week:

Active Start Nursery (12 – 18 months old)
For the youngest inquisitive minds in our program, we have our very own Nursery program.  Every morning the children explore their monthly themes through interactive songs, physical activities and other sensory experiences.  This program fosters social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual development, including early language and motor skills.

Active Start Primary (Toddler & Young 3’s)
For our toddlers and young three-year old’s every morning of the week, the children explore different age appropriate themes during their scheduled learning time.  This program reinforces foundational skills in early literacy, math, physical and social development, which will lay the foundation to their future learning in our “Active Start Preschool Toddler Program

Active Start Preschool & Pre-Kinder Program (3-5 Years Old)

In our Preschool and Pre-Kinder Program, we foster the development of our children through a Montessori Inspired Math and Literacy curriculum, coupled with Reggio Inspired Art, Music and Creativity. Each morning of the week, Circle and Learning Time is scheduled in the classroom. As a group, children explore monthly themes and later build on theme knowledge as well as academic and artistic skills during Centre Learning Time. Week by week, children explore different topics that fuel learning through cooperation, hands-on and interactive activities. Children explore concepts such as:


  • Literacy and Language – Phonological awareness, phonics, and vocabulary;

  • Mathematics – Foundational math skills and reasoning skills;

  • Practical Life Skills- developing practical skills used daily;

  • Science – Exploring the natural world;

  • Social and Emotional Development – Cooperative learning and communication.


Our learning in this program is tailored to the individual child, to ensure that with encouragement and guidance, each child can progress at their own pace. In the afternoon, children have a scheduled music time during which they learn a variety of songs, finger plays and other Musical skills such as Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics and Pitch.

Active Start Kinders Program

For the children in our program that attend Kindergarten, we offer our “Active Start Kinders Program” as a supplement to their learning at school.  Each day the children participate in an interactive program that builds on the skills they are learning at school, such as phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing. In addition to the supplementary academic program, the children receive afternoon Music Instruction.  During this time, they learn a variety of songs and the continue building on their Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics, Pitch and other musical skills.




Early Learning




Our ‘Kids in Motion’ School age program is a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to transporting to the various schools in the vicinity of each centre, at no additional cost, and providing summer time field trip fun, our before and after school program is designed to keep children active and engaged!

Through a rotation schedule, the children have fun with their friends getting to explore all that our amazing facilities have to offer.

They enjoy dedicated Creative Arts time, Free Play rooms, the Discovery Zone, Indoor & Outdoor Playgrounds and Indoor Gyms, all while under the watchful guidance of qualified and dedicated caregivers.

Our qualified caregivers cultivate responsive relationships with the children in their care, ensuring an environment of trust and promoting healthy child development.

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