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If you are a parent living in Alberta, you may find it difficult to get dependable child care for your child. Your mind is filled with numerous questions. You are trying your very best to find a safe and secure environment that will provide your child with a nurturing atmosphere in which they can grow and develop.

Before you decide on an Alberta daycare provider for your child, it is essential that you conduct sufficient research in order to ensure that you are making an informed choice. Find a place where in each classroom, children can participate in educational activities, musical activities, have fun while learning, or participate in educational play.



Alberta Daycare Programs

Attending a daycare center as soon as feasible, can considerably improve a child's social and emotional development. Children can develop when they learn to engage with others at centres like Active Start, and the earlier they begin, the sooner they can take advantage of the educational prorgams provided. 

Children who regularly interact with others gain social skills, an understanding of what their peers are thinking, a sense of safety, and dispute resolution techniques. Therefore, if children are taught values like cooperation and respect for others from a young age, they will gain from it both socially and emotionally. These qualities will be more crucial as children get older and into adulthood.


Comfort and safety for your child at Active Start Alberta

Children will feel comfortable and secure thanks to the regular routine and structure of a child care center. In the majority of programs, snack, nap, and activity periods are often set in advance. This builds a pattern of conduct that encourages emotional security in children and teaches them self-discipline in their daily activities. A person's achievement throughout their life can be significantly impacted by the time management skills they acquire as children.


A child's time spent in child care is very advantageous

​At Active Start, Alberta, we’re providing your child with new information and experiences as well as numerous hours of enjoyment and sociability. As they get ready for school and beyond, kids can gain from a loving environment at a high-quality childcare facility.

Our goal is to provide an environment where each child feels appreciated and loved while actively participating in a variety of engaging activities in a safe, stimulating environment.

Each child in our Alberta daycare has specific needs and personalities, and each of our skilled care givers and teachers are attentive to and responsive to those needs. We are committed to serving the needs of the families we serve by providing a well-balanced curriculum that promotes positive social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and self-concept growth and development.


Educational games and activities at Active Start Alberta Daycare

The educational games and activities offered in a top-notch child care facility can have a positive impact on children's cognitive development. Along with linguistic skills, they will learn about shapes, colors, and numbers.

Another advantage of this practice is that it can help young people expand their knowledge of the world and their capacity for critical thought. In order to make education more appealing to its young charges, a professional childcare facility will regularly engage the children in a variety of educational pursuits, many of which are disguised as "play".


The financial burden that comes with providing child care

There is a large range of prices for day care in Alberta; for this reason, it is important that you find one that is affordable for your family. Check to see whether the daycare offers any discounts, such as those for families with many children or low incomes, and take advantage of those if they are available.

In the Canadian province of Alberta, there is a financial assistance program for daycare...

The provincial government of Alberta offers families financial assistance in the form of a subsidy to assist with the payment of child care expenses. The amount of the subsidy fluctuates according to a variety of different factors, including the income of the family and the number of children who are enrolled in Alberta daycare. Families must fulfill certain requirements before they may be considered for the subsidy.

These requirements include having a child who is enrolled in a child care program that has been authorized by the government of Alberta. Visit the website of the Government of Alberta or get in touch with the Child and Family Services office in your neighborhood if you want more information on the child care subsidy in Alberta, including how to submit an application for it.


How much is daycare in Alberta per day?

To see the rates per day for Alberta daycare, view the rates and subsidy page on our website. Families with a combined yearly income of less than $180,000 are eligible for assistance through Alberta Child and Youth Services.


Where do I find a day care in Alberta?  

In Alberta, Canada, there are a lot of daycare facilities. Using a search engine like Google or the government of Alberta's Alberta Child Care Directory, you can conduct an internet search to find one close to you. Visit the Government of Alberta's website and click "Child Care" under "Family and Social Services" on the front page to view the directory. From there, you can look for child care services based on a variety of factors, including geography and type of care.


For information about day care facilities in your region, you can also get in touch with your neighborhood Child and Family Services office. Of course, Active Start is here for you if you are looking for a qualified child care option in Alberta!


Why is a daycare in Alberta beneficial for children?

A child's growth might benefit from a daycare center in various ways. A daycare facility offers kids a secure and nurturing environment in which to study and develop. The majority of day care centers include staff members who have received training, have experience dealing with children, and can give young children the care and attention they require.

Day care facilities also offer an organized and stimulating atmosphere that can aid in children's social, physical, and cognitive development. For instance, a lot of daycare facilities provide activities like outdoor play, music, and painting, which can encourage learning and foster children's imagination and creativity. Daycare facilities can also offer children a social environment where they can connect with their peers, which can aid in the development of their interpersonal and communication skills. In general, our daycare center in Alberta can be a valuable and advantageous resource for a child's growth.

Day Care Alberta - Active Start

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