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Day care, an essential aspect of child care, can have several benefits for children. It gives children the opportunity to interact with other children and adults, which can help them develop social skills such as sharing, cooperating and communicating.


Educational activities and experiences that can help children learn and develop new skills such as language, numeracy and problem solving are also provided in our licensed daycare center in Alberta

Before choosing a day care center for your child, it's important to do your research for several reasons. First of all, it's important to make sure that the child care center is licensed and that it meets state and local regulations regarding safety, cleanliness, and staff ratios. You can also get a better idea of whether the child care center is a good fit for your child's needs and development by researching the center’s curriculum, staff qualifications and discipline policies.


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Alberta Daycare Programs

A child care center can provide reliable and safe care for your children while you are at work.  Next to that, early daycare attendance can have a significant positive impact on a child's social and emotional growth. The sooner children start learning to interact socially in child care settings, the sooner they can benefit from the educational programs offered at places like Active Start, enhancing their early learning experience.

Children who interact with others frequently develop their social skills, their awareness of what their peers are thinking, their sense of safety, and their ability to resolve conflicts. Children will benefit both socially and emotionally if they are taught values like cooperation and respect for others at a young age by early childhood educators in these child care programs.


Comfort and safety for your child at Active Start Alberta child care

The consistent routine and structure of a licensed child care center, considered a child care setting, will help children feel safe and secure. The majority of programs have predetermined snack, nap, and activity times. This establishes a pattern of behavior that promotes children's emotional stability and teaches them self-discipline in their daily tasks. The time management skills you develop as a child can greatly affect your success throughout life.


Child care has a lot of benefits for children!

At Active Start in Alberta, your child will gain new knowledge and experiences in our child care setting. They'll also enjoy countless hours of fun and companionship. As they prepare for school and beyond, children can benefit from a loving environment in a quality child care center.

Our goal is to create an environment where each child can actively participate in a variety of fun activities in a stimulating environment while feeling valued and loved.

Each of our qualified caregivers and teachers at our Alberta day care center are aware of the unique needs and personalities of each child enrolled in the program and respond to them accordingly. By offering a balanced curriculum that promotes positive social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and self-concept growth and development, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the Alberta families we serve.


Educational games and activities at Active Start Alberta Daycare

The educational games and activities offered at a daycare center can benefit children's cognitive development. They will learn about shapes, colors and numbers in addition to language skills.


They will also benefit from learning how to view the world and develop critical thinking skills. A professional childcare facility will regularly engage children in a variety of educational activities, many disguised as "play" to make education more appealing.


What is the cost of a child care program in Alberta?

Finding a daycare that your family can afford is crucial because there is a wide range of child care fees in Alberta. Check to see if the daycare provides any discounts, such as those for large or low-income families, and make use of them if they are offered.

There is a daycare financial assistance program in the Canadian province of Alberta : families can receive financial aid from the Alberta government in the form of a subsidy to help with child care fees. The subsidy amount depends on a number of variables, including the family's income and the number of children enrolled in child care in Alberta. Households must meet certain criteria to qualify for the subsidy, part of the broader child care system.

For more details on Alberta child care subsidies, or if you want to find out more on how we work to provide affordable child care, feel free to contact us.


How much is daycare in Alberta per day?

Visit our website's rates and subsidy page to see the costs per day for daycare in Alberta. Families who earn less than $180,000 annually as a whole are eligible for aid from Alberta Child and Youth Services from the federal government.


Where can I find a daycare center in Alberta? 

There are many child care centers in Alberta, Canada. You can use Google or the Alberta Child Care Directory from the Alberta provincial government to search for a child care center near you.

You can also contact your local child and family services department to learn more about day care centers in your area.

If you are looking for a Calgary Daycare, then you have come to the right place. At Active Start Calgary Daycare, we offer programs for babies between 12 - 18 months, as well as toddler care up to 3 years old. We also have Preschool programs and Pre-Child Programs for 3 and 4 year olds, as well as a Before and After School Children programs. You can always book a tour at any of our locations.


Why is a daycare in Alberta beneficial for children?

A daycare facility may help a child's development in a number of ways. A daycare center provides children with a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn and grow. The majority of day care facilities employ staff who have undergone training, have previous experience working with children, and are capable of providing young children with the care and attention they need.

Additionally, daycare centers provide a structured and energizing environment that can support kids' social, physical, and cognitive growth. For instance, many daycare centers offer activities like outdoor play, music, and painting that can promote early learning and develop children's creativity and imagination. Moreover, daycares can provide children with a social environment where they can interact with their peers and strengthen their social and communication skills. Overall, daycare in Alberta can be a useful and beneficial aid to a child's development.

Day Care Alberta - Active Start

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