Daycare Calgary NW Locations







           60 Country Hills Landing NW, Calgary, AB T3K 5P4




      This locations transports to the following schools:

       Ascension of our Lord

        Buffalo Rubbing School

        Coventry Hills School

        Northern Lights School

        Panorama Hills

        Simons Valley School

        St. Clare

        St. Jerome

         *We provide transportation for Grades 1-6 and for PM Kindergarten ONLY.





           271 Sage Valley Common NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1T8




      This locations transports to the following schools:

       Blessed Marie Rose

        Mother Mary Greene

        Msgr. Anderson

        Our Lady Grace

        Kenneth D Taylor



        Hidden Valley

        Dalhousie School

        St. Josephine Bakhita 

         *We provide transportation for Grades 1-6 and for PM Kindergarten ONLY.


Daycare Calgary Nw

Finding reliable childcare in Calgary when you are a parent could be a challenging task. You want to locate a safe, secure location that will provide a nurturing atmosphere for your child to grow and develop, and many questions arise in your mind as a result. Because of this, we will attempt to answer some of those questions on this page.

What are the costs of daycare in Calgary, NW?

The Child Care Fee Report for the City of Calgary estimates that the monthly average cost of daycare in Calgary is $625 per child. However, prices can change entirely a little based not just on the kind of facility but also on its location.

For instance, the cost of providing baby care in a daycare center in downtown Calgary can reach up to $1500 per month, whereas the cost of providing daily learning in a suburban neighborhood may only be $700 per month.

Costs location Country Hills and Sage Hill

We have produced a list of some example charges from various facilities to give you an idea of the price range available for daycare in the Northwest area of Calgary. Our fees are all inclusive (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & our In House Nursery School Program)

Full time or part time active learning

As you will see, the price of childcare in the northwest quadrant of Calgary varies considerably based on the kind of facility you choose. Despite this, each of these expenditures is still far lower than the typical cost throughout the city.

You may take a few different paths to narrow your search for more cost-effective childcare alternatives in the Northwest quadrant of Calgary. First things first, check with your employer to see whether they provide any subsidies or discounts for care of any kind and extensive age groups.

In addition, many childcare centers have charge structures that are tiered based on the parent's annual income. Finally, it is best to consider using family childcare services because they are less expensive than daycare centers.

How can I find a daycare in Calgary?

When looking for a daycare in Calgary, there are a few factors that parents need to keep in mind. Your first order of business will verify that the childcare center possesses a license and accreditation.

You can check on the Alberta government website to verify if a childcare center has a valid license. A daycare that has earned its accreditation has demonstrated that it either meets or exceeds the requirements established by the province. Accreditation is a requirement for daycares in Calgary. However, it is only met by some of them.

It would be best to consider the daycare center's physical location. If you reside in the city, select a daycare near your house or your place of employment.

Preschool programs and kindergarten programs in your area

Find a daycare that is conveniently located near a bus stop, train station, or another kind of public transportation if you live in the suburbs. This will make it much simpler for you to take your child there. In most areas you find locations that offer Preschool daycare, toddler programs and Pre-Kindergarten services.

What should I check when searching a daycare for children, toddlers or infants?

The expense of childcare is a factor to take into account. The cost of daycares might vary widely; therefore, you need to locate one within your financial means. Check to see whether the daycare provides discounts, such as those for several children or families with low incomes. This is another thing you should look into.

You may begin your search for a daycare in the Calgary area by inquiring with friends and family members and conducting an internet search. After you have narrowed your choices to a few childcare centers, you can check out each one in person to see whether or not it will be a suitable fit for your family are the various age groups of your kids.

From what age can children start daycare in nw Calgary ab?

There is no one right answer to this issue since the response is contingent on several different circumstances, including the specific requirements and growth most of daycare facility used, and the level of training and experience possessed by the staff. Your kids' well being is our priority.

On the other hand, the vast majority of authorities concur that kids can begin to reap benefits from visiting daycare at about six months of age, an early age! This gives kids the opportunity to interact with other children and develop valuable skills, such as communication and working together with others. This, in combination with our childcare philosophy, well documented resources and knowledgeable staff makes sure that kids receive the best everyday learning in nw calgary.

Before settling on a daycare provider for your child, it is imperative that you conduct adequate research in order to ensure that you are making an informed choice, whether you are looking for a classroom for education, music, fun, learning or play!