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Active Start @ Home - 'Fun in the Snow'

Though we are not in any way wishing to have the snow back, we still couldn’t resist adding this classic book to our blog…

Materials: YouTube, paper (red and blue, if you have), scissors, white glue and shaving cream or cotton balls.

Main Learning Outcomes: Developing fine motor skills, early literacy and sensory exploration.


(1) First using this link (unless you own the book) cuddle up with your kiddo for a read aloud of “The Snowy Day”, by Ezra Jack Keats. Here is a link:

(2) Now we are going to create a snowy picture! Using equal parts shaving cream and white glue (about ¼ cup of each), mix together to get a foamy snow mixture. Using a paint brush, fingers, or other tool of your choice, spread the mixture on your blue paper to create a snowy picture like the ones in the story. You can even get creative and include things like footprints using your little finger or another tool. Once you’ve created your snow, cut out an outline of Peter in red paper (or colour your white paper red), and stick him to your snowy picture. Here is a link with a template for Peter, if you need:

Tips: This can be completed by any age group, as it is all about the sensory experience that children love and need!

We hope you have fun getting a little messy today ;)

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