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Active Start @ Home - 'My Own Monster'

Today we thought we’d have a little MONSTER FUN!

Materials: YouTube, playdough, clay or plastacine, and all kinds of odds and ends around the house (ex. Pipe cleaners, buttons, googly eyes, straws cut into small pieces, gems, glitter, paper clips, pop bottle lids, tooth picks, pasta pieces, etc.)

If you don’t have playdough at home here are 2 different types of recipes for playdough:



Main Learning Outcomes: Developing fine motor skills (playdough is wonderful for hand strength), early literacy, creativity and sensory exploration.


(1) First using this link (unless you own the book) get ready for a great read aloud of “Hey That’s My Monster”, by Amanda Noll. Here is a link:

(2) Now it’s time to make our own Monsters! Roll and mold your playdough (or clay or plasticine) into whatever size and shape you desire. Then add all of the creepy monster body parts. Remember that monsters don’t just have 2 arms or 2 eyes!

Tips: This activity is for all age groups. With the homemade playdough, you don’t even have to worry if your little toddler decides to take a bite or two ;). Playdough is one of the best activities to strengthen children’s hands. Many children struggle with fine motor skills and printing, but by strengthening their hands at any age, we can help them be more successful in this area by just having fun with playdough!

Lets see some of those creepy, silly monsters!!!

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