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Toddler programs Calgary


Preschool programs tailored to the individual child care

Our learning in this program is tailored to the individual child, to ensure that with encouragement and guidance, each child can progress at their own pace. In the afternoon, children have a scheduled music time during which they learn a variety of songs, finger plays and other Musical skills such as Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics and Pitch.

At Active Start in Calgary ab we provide kids the chance to develop morals, respect for adults and authority figures, teamwork, the ability to make wise decisions, and the qualities of kindness, self-control, and responsibility. We consider childcare as a crucial component of the family support system that enables parents to leave their kids in the care of childcare providers while they are at work.

Our daycare centers with preschool program offer a comfortable, safe environment with plenty of room to run around and play and demanding educational materials. This allows your child to grow at his or her own pace at the nursery.

Moreover, through contact with other children, kids will learn to play together, share, understand boundaries and make friends as an adult. Brain development, emotional development, problem solving, motor skills and social skills are at the core of our toddler program.

Early learning and early literacy in our preschool programs

Every morning of the week during scheduled learning time, our toddlers and young three-year-olds study several age-appropriate themes. This curriculum strengthens the fundamental abilities needed for early reading, math, physical development, and social development, laying the groundwork for their future education in our "Active Start Primary Program". Of course, we don't forget about fun and play in our classroom.

From an early age, we playfully promote newborns' motor development

We help your child crawl, sit and drink from a cup independently through a series of movement activities and exercises.

Similarly, we have created a number of toddler-friendly exercises to help children move better. These include outdoor games and cooperative musical activities.

You have probably heard of the phrase "cognitive growth." It refers to the educational process.

We support this in a variety of ways in our daycare centers

We also teach kids a variety of useful skills that will be helpful to you as a parent with our programs.

For example, we help children prepare for elementary school. Think of someone who takes pride in opening their own lunchbox, putting on their own outerwear and opening a cup. In addition, we talk a lot with the children about school. We also pay a lot of attention to potty training. We teach the children how to use our mini toilets so that they become potty trained.

Your child receives good advice in our daycare centers

The employees are trained for their work and have a love for young people.

Daycare centers are, of course, entirely geared toward small children. The environment is safe, inviting and comfortable for the children. Children feel safe and open to developmental stimuli when they are in a pleasant environment and excellently cared for.

Want to learn more about our programs for toddlers? Don't hesitate to book a free tour at one of our centers in Calgary. We would love to tell you more about our classes for all ages.

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