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Pre-Kindergarten Calgary and Its Benefits


Preschool programs tailored to the individual child care

Our learning in this program is tailored to the individual child, to ensure that with encouragement and guidance, each child can progress at their own pace. In the afternoon, children have a scheduled music time during which they learn a variety of songs, finger plays and other Musical skills such as Rhythm, Tempo, Dynamics and Pitch.

At Active Start in Calgary ab we provide kids the chance to develop morals, respect for adults and authority figures, teamwork, the ability to make wise decisions, and the qualities of kindness, self-control, and responsibility. We consider childcare as a crucial component of the family support system that enables parents to leave their kids in the care of childcare providers while they are at work.

It can be difficult to send your child to school for the first time, especially when they are only 3 or 4 years old. On the other hand, providing your child with a high-quality preschool education will position them for success later in life.


For parents and kids

Pre-kindergarten instruction focuses less on academic subjects and more on teaching kids how to relate to one another, stick to a routine, and perform self-care tasks like tying shoes, putting on jackets and sweaters, washing their hands and many other things that they will need to be able to do in kindergarten.


Leadership skills and free play combined

Pre-kindergarten studies help kids start interacting more with their peers. In our Pre-kindergarten Calgary program, we support the development of our children through a Montessori Inspired Math and Literacy curriculum, coupled with Music, and Creativity.


School care and social skills

At Active Start in Calgary AB, we offer children the chance to develop morals, respect for adults and authority figures, teamwork, the ability to make wise decisions, and the qualities of kindness, self-control, and responsibility.

Our Toddler program is founded on the belief that play, experience, and age-appropriate educational activities motivate and enhance a child's natural love of learning. When combined with hands-on educational opportunities, music, physical fitness, and art, play can be a fun, exciting, and successful venue for learning.


Vision of our junior kindergarten programs

School care: our program provides opportunities for both group and individual learning and play, allowing your child to develop and grow socially and academically. We organize and carry out activities that encourage natural curiosity, exploration, and discovery.


Structured and unstructured activities

These will aid in the development of academic and social skills, emotional development, self-regulation, and peer skill development for kindergarten. We try very hard to create a learning environment that is academically challenging, socially nurturing, incredibly fun, and secure.


Our early childhood education program will teach your children a variety of skills that will help them succeed academically later in life.


Pre-math Skills and numbers

Our Pre-kindergarten education institute in Calgary focuses a lot on laying the groundwork for your child's future knowledge. One of the most important subjects your child will study is mathematics. They will study counting from 1 to 10 and 10 to 20 in preschool.


Pre-literacy skills

Teachers in pre-kindergarten provide a wide range of games and activities to help students develop pre-literacy skills. Children learn alphabet songs and rhymes that help them distinguish between sounds, read-aloud stories, and play with magnetic alphabet letters.


Language skills

In a culture that values language, children develop language skills more effectively. In the pre-kindergarten set, teachers encourage language development by introducing new vocabulary during activities and posing challenging questions.


Preschoolers have a distinct advantage in learning how to communicate successfully because they have a lot of opportunities to explore new things, listen to read-aloud books, act out stories, and sing.


School care in their own pace

Children develop a solid foundation in social, pre-academic, and general life skills in pre-kindergarten that will help them succeed in school and beyond. Preschool graduates had better academic preparation, reduced imprisonment rates, and higher wages, according to research. Here are some reasons why pre-kindergarten is beneficial for your child


Preschool helps children adjust to kindergarten

For a young child, learning how to behave in a classroom for the first time in kindergarten can be a significant challenge. Children can benefit from preschool activities as they transfer.


Preschoolers who are exposed to school procedures are more prepared for kindergarten's structure and expectations. Children can learn hygiene routines like washing their hands before eating and how to take care of their possessions in their cubby before moving to kindergarten. 


Children learn to take care of each other

Pre-kindergarten children learn not only how to care for themselves, but also how to care for others. Teachers encourage students to assist one another in learning skills in which they excel and to see themselves as resources for other students.


Preschoolers may be given opportunities to assist in the classroom. Teachers may ask them to help set the table at snack time, fix the calendar, or plan an activity.


Pre-kindergarten provides opportunities for play

Is play really a preschool benefit? Although it may seem obvious, study shows that playful activities help kids develop "deeper learning,", particularly in the development of critical abilities like executive functioning.

Children who may not have access to these activities at home are exposed to a wide variety of play activities in preschool. The power of play, exploration and school care is the biggest benefit of pre-kindergarten.


The young brain is insatiably curious

And top-notch pre-kindergarten Institute like active care in Calgary gives kids a ton of opportunities to learn about a variety of topics, the arts, creative processes, and literature. Our absolutely amazing caring teachers will deliver a wonderful experience for kids of all ages.


Pre-kindergarten Activities help children develop motor skills

Although literacy, mathematics, and intelligence are critical, young children should also master other skills. Many pre-kindergarten activities are made to aid in the development of fine motor skills and physical coordination in young children.


A great way to learn

Projects that require children to thread beads, sketch, or even cut with scissors present a test of their ability to control their fingers. Every day, kids in our pre-kindergarten program in Calgary get the chance to test themselves by climbing or leaping.


Foundational Opportunity in Calgary AB

It is essential that children look forward to going to school. This is done by first showing the child that school is fun, and then, of course, by figuring out whether kindergarten is fun. Fortunately, partnering with us eliminates any worries about that. Our Calgary preschool program is focused on your boy or girl! Join us in ensuring a good future for your child.

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