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Active Start @ Home - 'Crayons!'

What kind of fun can we create today...


YouTube, white glue, table salt, food colouring, small containers, paint brush and cardstock (or a piece of cardboard, water colour paper or a paper plate).

Main Learning Outcomes:

Developing fine motor skills, creativity and early literacy skills.


(1) First, sit together with your child for this fun story called, “Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson. If you don’t have the book at home, you can listen to it by following this link:

(2) We are going to created raised salt art. To do this, start by squeezing glue designs or pictures onto your card stock. Then sprinkle with salt until the glue is thoroughly covered. Tip the paper to let excess salt fall away. (We suggest putting the paper on a cookie sheet or something when using the salt, to catch the excess salt.) Put some water into small containers and then add a few drops of food colouring to each, to make your desired colours. Then dip your paint brush into the water colour and gently touch to the salt-covered glue lines. Watch the colour “magically” travel in both directions! Let dry thoroughly. This may take a day.


Children any age can do this with a little parent help! Be creative! Remember, you can always use the excess salt that fell off your first creation to make a second!

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