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What is quality childcare

Quality daycare is a fundamental framework that nurtures the overall development of young children. Health and safety, educational and play opportunities all work to create an optimal environment.

Think of daycare as a nurturing space where little ones get to blossom. It's all about creating a place where kids feel safe, loved, and stimulated to explore the world around them. In a quality daycare, every day is an adventure. Kids get to join all sorts of activities that are fun and educational.

Kids learn to play nice with others, share their toys, and even start picking up some basic math and reading skills. Quality daycare plays an important role in laying the groundwork for a child's future learning and development.

It's not just about ABCs and 123s in quality childcare

Quality daycare is where kids start understanding who they are. They learn to express their feelings, get curious about new things, and start figuring out how to solve little problems, like how to build the tallest block tower or negotiate extra playground time.

Balancing active play with quiet time is important in a child's daily routine. Quality daycare offers opportunities for both. Active play promotes physical health and motor skills, while quiet play and rest are vital for cognitive development and emotional well-being. This balance aids in the holistic development of children.

High quality child care

When it comes to setting the stage for a bright future, quality child care plays an important tole. It’s more than a place for kids aged 0–11 to hang out while parents are at work, it's a launchpad for life-long success. High quality child care does more than just keep kids safe, it actively nurtures their minds, bodies, and hearts.

There are many benefits of early childhood education. It’s in these formative years that children lay the foundation for all future learning. Our child care centers in Alberta focus on quality create an environment where little ones can develop critical thinking, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

Communication with a child and a mother

Early childhood programs play a huge role in child development

Early childhood education programs are about preparing kids for the academic and social aspects of school. In these programs, children get a head start on things like literacy and numeracy, setting them on a path to academic success.

Quality early childhood education and high quality early child care is about investing in our future. By providing children with a quality program and rich learning experiences early on, we’re setting them up for a brighter future. High quality child care is an investment that pays dividends for years to come.

Health, safety and nutrition

 At the forefront of quality daycare is the emphasis on health, safety, and hygiene. A safe and hygienic environment protects children from potential hazards and illnesses, which is important given their developing immune systems.

Safety protocols and practices, including emergency preparedness and regular health checks, ensure high quality child care and a secure environment. Moreover, as a child care provider, instilling good hygiene practices from an early age lays the foundation for lifelong health habits.

Nutritious meals for children's development

At Active Start high quality daycare, we also provide balanced meals that meet nutritional requirements, fostering physical growth, cognitive development, and overall well-being. Nutritious meals also establish healthy eating patterns, impacting long-term health outcomes.

Nutritional meals for cildren

A well-maintained environment with qualified and responsive staff

A well-maintained child care environment, designed specifically for children, supports various aspects of development. This environment includes age-appropriate toys and learning materials that stimulate cognitive and physical growth.

The presence of qualified staff who are sensitive and responsive to children’s needs is a sign of high quality daycare. Educators and caregivers with proper training and qualifications are better equipped to foster a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Their ability to respond to the emotional and developmental needs of each child ensures a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Early childhood development and positive relationships

Positive relationships, especially those formed in settings like a family child care home or a daycare center, set the stage for a child's emotional and social growth. A child care provider who focuses on creating positive interactions daily helps foster a sense of security and belonging in children.

As a child care provider, we support positive interaction

High quality early learning experiences, provided in early learning programs, are necessary for the cognitive and emotional development of young children. These programs, when executed well, prepare children for the challenges of formal schooling and beyond.

A high quality program is characterized not just by its curriculum but also by its approach to child care and education. Tools like the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) are often used to ensure that the learning environment meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

reading with children

Quality child care and professional development

Moreover, ongoing professional development for child care providers is needed. It ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in early childhood education. This continuous learning helps them to create an environment that is both nurturing and intellectually stimulating for children.

Early childhood programs, high quality early education and child care involve a holistic approach, considering the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive needs of children, thereby laying a strong foundation for their future learning and growth.

Supporting positive interaction in a learning environment

A key aspect of effective child care arrangements. In family child care homes or child care centres, fostering an atmosphere where children can interact positively with their peers and caregivers is crucial for their social and emotional growth participation.

Quality care is about creating a nurturing space where children can thrive. Implementing an age-appropriate curriculum that challenges and engages young minds is what we do at Active Start.

Supporting positive interaction

The best child care arrangement for kids

Don’t miss the opportunity to give your child the best start in life. Explore our programs today and learn more about how we can help support your child’s journey of learning and growth.

Also, did you know that there are child care subsidies available that can make these child care programs more accessible and affordable?

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